A Sacrificial Challenge To Boost My Financial Status.

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Of recent I decided to take a challenge upon myself, a sacrifice I want to make for my financial growth.

The challenge is very simple but can be very hard to keep up with, it all requires discipline.

The challenge goes like this;

  • Avoid all drinks. You are do take only water.

  • Don't buy foods outside, prepare your meal by yourself.

  • No party or clubbing.

  • Don't change your clothes if they are still in good condition. Manage your clothes, don't give it to a dry cleaner when they are dirty, wash and dry it by yourself.

  • Don't enter a cab when were you are going is very close.

  • If your phone is working well, don't upgrade it to a more expensive version.

  • Manage your data, don't buy more than it is required to stay updated, avoid using it on social media entertainment.

  • Don't give out your money to anyone, you can be stingy for now, it is not yet time to be a cheerful giver.

  • No Netflix or cable subscription, your only entertainment is reading books and novel.

This activities take lots of money from your pocket. Invest the money you have saved during this challenge in any business or stock.

You can choose to invest on crypto, Gold ETF or on mutual funds which is less risky and requirement. You can also start up a business such as a poultry farm, have your own plantation. You can even buy products which are in abundance in local for a low price such as grains,legumes and livestock. You can now resell it for a higher price in the urban areas.

The goal is to save money to start up a new business or an investment that will boost my financial status.


This is all for now, please the challenge is open for modification, if there is any expenses that needs to be cut down outside from I just listed above, your suggestions will be helpful in the comment box.

Thank you.


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