Authentic Apology in Advertising

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There are a number of reasons why advertising is essential to us in the modern society. It is omnipresent from social media platforms to street billboards. Nevertheless, advertisers sometime get it wrong. They may offend people or promote something wrong for the society. In such situations, they have a duty to apologize.

Consider when Bumble, a dating app, had an ad that was considered offensive by some individuals. Rather than ignoring the negative feedback, they took responsibility and apologized. They accepted their mistake and assured of becoming better in future. This exhibited their concern for clients’ feelings and readiness to learn from their mistakes.

Another instance involved Apple which ran an advert that tricked individuals about their iPhones’ battery life span. Instead of denying everything, they asked for forgiveness and offered to replace batteries at a subsidized price. By doing this, it showed how much trust they placed on their customers and willingness to correct things back on track.

When firms truly say they are sorry, it could actually contribute to improving their image. Honesty is appreciated by people and when a company is genuinely sorry, it becomes easier for them to forgive errors.

However, this can be the reverse if a company tries to conceal the mistake or give an insincere apology.

We as customers can demand that companies take responsibility for their activities. We may comment on an ad which we find offensive or deceptive. It is very simple to use social media and let the whole world know what we think.

It does not stop at consumers alone though. Companies need to be responsible for their actions and learn how to listen to their customers. This necessitates accepting criticism and being ready to adapt when required. Apologies of advertising are crucial in the business, as a matter of final analysis. As a result, they can go a long way in fixing bonds between clients and companies. Apology is not just about saying sorry but also about being genuine and having the courage to rectify one’s mistakes.

We have the ability as consumers to demand answers from corporations but it is up to them to own up and fix things.

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