Seizing the Essence of Life

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The mere mention of death usually scares us to the core, nonetheless what if we could make it our guiding light in search for a much better life? It sounds illogical but psychologists argue that accepting one’s mortality can lead to a more purposeful and energetic life.

I have always avoided thinking about death. I did not want to think about it at all because I felt that it would ruin all my happiness in this world. Nevertheless, the idea of turning that fear into something good caught my attention and I became interested in investigating its potential thoroughly.

Our core values can be introspected upon to utilize the fear of death. This is because when we become aware of our finite existence, it becomes apparent what really means something to us. For me, life’s brevity heightens my appreciation for nurturing relationships, and pursuing passions.

In addition, it can lead us to envision the legacy that we would want to leave behind. The idea that our time on earth is limited makes us realize that we must leave a lasting impression. Acts of kindness, giving to charity or just being there for someone are some of the many ways in which one can give their lives meaning beyond this world.

Challenging the dread of death can also work as a propellant for other kinds of fear and barriers. In light of our ultimate destiny, problems that were once deemed very difficult in life are now seen as more surmountable. This will shift our mindsets and enable us to be braver about pursuing our dreams.

In addition to that, accepting our mortality engenders an enhanced appreciation for the beauty of life per se. Each minute becomes more cherished when we accept its transitory nature. Rather than wallowing in past memories or agonizing over what is yet to come, we acquire the skill to wholly lose ourselves in current events, valuing every happening and attachment alike.

Further, when death is received as a constituent that comes by nature peacefully and calmly, it brings peace at mind. We should not fear to embrace death as a unknown transition. Our lives will be much peaceful with this view.

Certainly, facing our fear of death takes a lot of courage and self-evaluation. On the other hand, rewards for recognizing and embracing this fear are infinite; they allow us to find ourselves and live life in a qualitative way.

Ultimately, though the prospect of death may appear overwhelming at first, it can lead to personal growth and positive change. Therefore, as humans accept that they are not immortal, their values become clarified and enabled to positively impact others through overcoming hurdles, cherishing life’s beauty and dealing with uncertainties in a calming manner. Rather than viewing our mortality as a reason for despair, we must use it as motivation to live everyday purposefully and thankfully so that we can exploit this invaluable asset known as ‘time.

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