What is the best way to market Hive?

in Cent5 months ago

I got to know about Hive by a friend's word of mouth. She was a friend I could trust and so tried out what has become a wonderful experience for me. Others would have known about Hive through socialmedia challenges and maybe #Posh or perhaps in their quest to know more about crypto.

I have also read about how other Hive users have marketed Hive through branding in real products. We know Hive is not just crypto. It is also a socialmedia with many other possibilities. But I think we should know what really works better when it comes to marketing Hive.

I want to know so that I can also engage in a holistic marketing of Hive in 2023.

What is the best way to market Hive?


I think one of the best to do it is by actually using hive as a means of payment in the real world. That would be really nice if we can pay our basic needs just on hive, and doesn't really need for us to exchange it.

I also discovered it in a Youtube video. People are bored with Facebook and Instagram. But they can't find any other application. Explaining Hive using Facebook and Instagram are the best methods of marketing in my opinion.