Model Kit Review, 1/72 Scale Cant Z 506 Float Plane

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Hello, hivers!

Apparently it's been a while since I've posted a model kit review, so it's time for another one. This is a review of the 1/72 scale model of an Italian WW2 era twin float plane, the Cant Z 506B Airone.

This float plane was originally developed in the mid 1930s as a passenger plane, the 506A, and was adapted for military use as the 506B. The 506B saw service in the Spanish Civil War, and also saw service with the Italian Military as a maritime patrol and rescue airplane, and also served as a bomber and torpedo plane for attacking enemy shipping. Many of these airplanes served until the end of WW2, and some continued on in service until 1959. For more history about this airplane, you can read the wikipedia page about it.

This plastic model kit was produced in Italy by the company Supermodel and first released in 1986. The particular kit that I am reviewing in the video was produced sometime in the late 1980s, judging by the box art and the "Squadron Product" label on the lower right hand portion of the box top. There are parts in the kit to make 1 of 3 different variations of the of the airplane.

Here is the video for this model kit review, it's about 9 minutes long.

Thanks for checking out my model kit review, I hope you found it interesting!



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