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Hey everyone!

After my last AskHive post which had amazing engagement, btw, there were many in favor of a AskHive Community and after giving it some thought on how to best approach it I've decided on some points that would drive engagement and I'd assist in incentivizing engagement in some ways.

First of all if you're not aware of the origins at all, basically I was a very active Redditor in the r/askreddit sub. I went to check just now for fun and yeah, you can tell that through my almost a decade of being active there (although not so much since steem/hive) most of my time has been spent in that subreddit:


Being active on Reddit in general you start to see a lot of reposts but one thing that stood out was always the comment section. Although some times the "hivemind" would vote up similar comments to similar questions over time there were often new questions that came out that lead to some awesome engagement and stories in the comment section that would lead to hours upon hours of entertainment. Something like this is what I've been awaiting to come to hive with the masses and while we're still a bit off from mainstream adoption we can get started on a community for this now already to be ready when they get here. :)

Okay so one thing that came to mind is that often there may be questions you don't feel comfortable sharing on your own account, even more so since comments posted on the blockchain stay on the blockchain forever (at least on hive :P) and I don't want to encourage people to generate new throwaway accounts and use up a claim ticket or a project's free account offerings just for a one time comment. There are however more and more services (such as PeakD) that are starting to offer temporary accounts which I think will do wonders for this kind of task. I still need to check how far along and how easy it is to use temporary accounts there but once I know more I'll leave the info in the sidebar of the community so others know and are more free to share whatever's on their mind with the safety of an account not connected to their main one. Throwaways and anonymity on Reddit are most popular for things like these so people can share things they may not be as proud of or don't want others who know their username to know about.

As we know since the EIP and the implemented reward curve tax along with it there's been in general less votes being cast on comments as they don't generally make a lot of rewards and smaller votes will cost way more voting power to reward the amount it would on posts already past the tax curve (at around 20 Hive post rewards).

For this we started the ENGAGE token distribution through comments in the past and used some of our returns from @ocdb to buy up the tokens on steem-engine so they'd maintain some value for those wanting to trade them for steem/hive. While we await for the migration I'm going to be encouraging others to vote on comments with my votes being cast afterwards, as long as you are a trusted user with some reputation behind you (and I don't mean the rep score) I'll be voting more freely instead of reading each comment every time but I will be doing a lot of reading as well. With the ENGAGE token we also had an account that would auto-vote the comment receiving some ENGAGE and once that is ready to be used again I'll be powering up an alt account and growing it over time to be used for exactly this. So if you're now looking to get active in curating comments rest assure that there's a higher chance that a vote will land after your vote increasing your curation returns even if the rewards don't make it close to the tax curve it'll still be worth it.

On top of that I think we can do some things like "top comments/engagement of the week" where users can nominate the best ones and those can receive some liquid Hive for their activity.

If you have any other ideas let me know in the comment section!

Okay so on an ending note, keep in mind this is about engagement. When you're curating posts try and upvote the ones you believe will drive most engagement and lead to some nice discussions around the question so that others looking to engage have an easier time finding them through the rank filter in the community.

One more thing:

We'll also be allowing multiple languages and add some rules in the sidebar that if a question is not in english it should add a [tag] on the title in which language it is in so the readers know before opening the post (in case the question doesn't make it obvious).

If you are interested in moderating and focusing your curation more in this community please contact me! Especially if you speak another language than english/swedish.

Let me know if there are any other questions.

Link to the community if you want to subscribe:


Great idea!!! Ready to moderate Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Отличная идея!!! Готов модерировать русcкий и украинский языки. (Russian languages)

Гарна ідея, готовий стати куратором російської та української мови (Ukrainian languages)

Cool, adding you as mod!

Would it be cool to find out what I should and can do as a moderator?

discord - cranium#9430

I bet you have more comment karma than post karma.

This is true! :D

I used the askme community last night and now come to find this one 😬 so many questions!!! 😱

P.d. my main language is spanish if you need help with that language here please let me know i would love to lend a helping hand!

This is great to know.
I will also be happy if we can get something like on hive as time goes on

Nice one ... subscribed and already see some interesting post there :)

Communities have been pretty great. AskHive seems interesting.

You deserve great praise for your effort in this community, my dear friend. and thank you. keep with us and stay safe. yes, 'best review of the week' would be a nice add-on. it is fun to read. thanks for sharing :).♥️

We can join forces to curate content in Spanish

Ask reddit is great, so I think this could be good, especially for peoples like me who hate making trivial posts. Although I am getting used to it from Steem npw, so maybe I will make a snippet account and upvote it and try making smaller posts

That's totally great, I think a comment incentive can even expose some of the best of content creators to the limelight as well. My opinion though.

This is a beautiful initiative. Would we say that this community acts more like the defunct "Musing" on steem ?

Muy buen impacto el anuncio de esta novedosa comunidad.

Subscribed! I'm excited to see the outcome of this.

This is true initiative..much needed

Sounds interesting I'll subscribe and check it out. Also necessary, if the communities about what the name suggests it's about!

I think it is really nice idea!
I am in! 😊

Sounds very interesting. Will check it out right now.
Thank you so much for doing an amazing job here on Hive.

Nice initiative! Hope to see more of Reddit's popular subs cloned here. Especially some of the more casual ones, like r/funny, the tone on Hive is far too serious.

This is a very good idea. I created a similar community here for developers to collaborate and to help each other in questions and answers. I also want people to be posting tutorial contents that would help people to improve in the language they code.

Great initiative!

Hi @acidyo
Nice initiative. I am from Bangladesh. My mother tongue is Bangla. I have seen many active users in Hive from my country. Can I be a moderator?

Never too late to join. I'm already in. Thanks for bringing up this huge changing life idea and also to stay alive 🙌💪