Friendsss, Where Are We Right Now??

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It's been a bloody couple of days and I'm pretty sure many of us are in a quite bit of a shock at Hive's current price. I had a conversation with some friends over the weekend and yeah, we talked about Hive most likely going below 30 cents before the end of the month due to charts and price of Bitcoin but sure didn't think about Hive going below 20 cents in just days from the conversation🥺.

So Friends, where do you think we are right now and what're you doing to your portfolio at this point??
Let's talk!!!

Image source: A friends WhatsApp Status.


Right now I'd say we just hit panic yesterday...that chart is good!

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Yeah, same here, I think both panic and anger. Let's hope for a good recovery

i bailed into stable coins - apart from Hive which is way too slow for fast moving times - that is part of why i'm moving more to proof of brain - riskier but 4 week power down and far better returns at this point - my days of having large amounts of staked hive are winding down because 13 week power downs are a slow moving crash waiting to happen.

And right now I think this is a dead cat bounce rather than a recovery - hope im wrong but it will take a week to get a better view

As much as everyone is having long term Hive goals, I think the 13 week powerdown period wasn't very helpful in the course of the bull run. When hive got to a dollar for the second time, a large population of its users with staked Hive couldn't make a good use of the pump. Most people would probably have ×4 of their Hive right now if only there was a lower power down period. Well, we all learn and I'm sure many are beginning to see we may need a shorter power down period especially now that it's proven that the duration for unstaking has nothing to do with the price. POB has been great, and I'm working towards purchasing a handful in a bit.

In my view, we are in the 'disbelief' phase. This is the very beginning of the Bull market lifecycle. I think it will last for several years and BTC will surpass $1 mln.

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Hmmm...yeah friend, you may be right...I believe btc would hit $1 mil years from now.

I expect in about 5 years from now.

Yay! 🤗
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