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We try to keep you informed about the tribes which we have invested in with Brofund, since you, as a BRO-Holder, have also indirectly invested in those projects. Due to this, it's possible that you will see some tribes often, and others not at all. This hasn't got anything to do with the tribe itself, or that these tribes are not active. It's only because of the fact that we have not (yet) invested in these projects. Since @raymondspeaks is always on the lookout for projects on Hive-Engine to possibly support, this can change from week to week.

We have decided not to include more than 3 projects per week in the Bro Newspaper. This makes it easier for you to read, and you don't get an excessive amount of information. If I were you, I would pay close attention to those three projects, because they could become very interesting in the short run. For now, let's just say that your time and attention could pay for themselves!

Hello BROs!

Another week is gone, and another newspaper is brought to you! How are you enjoying the last weeks of summer? Are you ready for autumn? To be honest, I don´t want to think about it yet! I just want to pretend that this summer will last forever! But of course, you´re not reading this newspaper to read about my opinion about the seasons. So let´s dive straight into the news for this week!



After we had so much news last week, this week is the opposite. Maybe @raymondspeaks will announce something, there is enough in the works ... but nothing to announce yet. Sometimes you just have to be patient.


Starting a project on Hive is not that difficult. That has been proven several times. The Hive community is extremely supportive of new projects that are launched with a good vision. Oneup Cartel was one of those projects. It came, saw and conquered.

But then the real work began. And as @flauwy points out in his post, it's not hard to be in a bull market when everyone is walking on top of the clouds to keep the motivation high in everyone as well. How different it is when the bear market hits everyone!

And the latter also happened at Oneup Cartel. The Bear market invaded, struck hard and many people, including @flauwy himself, lost motivation. In addition, Flauwy struggled on the lonely path of leadership.

But, there is a solution. And yes, that solution has been seized with both hands by Oneup Cartel. Hive In A Box by @brofund. The BRO UMBRELLA TEAM has stepped in to help put Oneup Cartel back on its feet.

If you want to know what this means for the Oneup Cartel, I advise you to carefully read the blog @flauwy wrote. And maybe go to Hive-Engine or Tribal-dex to score some Cartel tokens while they're still low.


The first project on Hive to use the Mancave Dragons Den was Hivebuilder. @gringo211985 opened the conversation by sharing what Hivebuilder is, what they stand for and the origin of their DEFI token.

DEFI is no longer an unknown token. It has already completed a first round of 40 weeks, and *6 days ago the second round started *.

If you still had DEFI tokens, you also got something extra from the Hivebuilder team for going to the second round. If you bought now, you are participating from the beginning! What is DEFI?

Quite simply, DEFI is a token on which you always profit. Looked in HIVE terms of course! You buy DEFI for 0.1 HIVE. What should you do next? Not a lot! Simply hold DEFI in your wallet to receive daily rewards with an increasing APR ranging from 10% to 40% over a 40 week period. After these 40 weeks, a buywall will be built that provides full liquidity to buy back all DEFI tokens from anyone who wants to exit. The buywall will be at 0.1 HIVE, guaranteeing everyone a profit. At least if you stick to the warning that Hivebuilder always gives. NEVER PAY MORE THAN 0.1 HIVE FOR DEFI!

If you want to know what questions @gringo211985 has answered in the Dragons Den, you can always read this in the Discord Server of the BROs, but of course, you can also hop into the Discord of Hivebuilder and ask your questions directly.

Simply put, you can only win HIVE by investing in DEFI and holding this DEFI. Are you already there? Have you already bought your DEFI?

Another thing you should know is that DEFI is not the only token. Hivebuilder also has the SCV token. This token works a little differently, but I'll be happy to tell you more about that another time. In any case, for now it is interesting to know that this token has already doubled in value 2x.

Hivebuilder is definitely doing a good job!


For several months, we've now been able to see that the SPK Network claim drop works. We've been able to claim for a number of months, and the nodes have come into play. In addition to running a node, you can also choose to delegate your tokens to someone else who does run a node. And of course you want to know what benefits you the most!

Should you run a node yourself for maximum profit? Is it better to delegate? And should you lock your tokens now, or not?

Many things are still unclear. And I'm probably not the only one who finds it all a bit confusing. But don't worry folks! SPK Network has put together some answers for everyone in a blog. ... And if this is still unclear to you? Then of course you can always find yourself an invitation to hop into the Discord and ask your questions directly.


Before you participate, check the announcement blog so that you see what the rules are.

I don't want to overflow the BRO Newspaper with contests, so if you want to find more, go ahead. There are plenty that I didn't mention here. But for us it's time to see if there's some juicy gossip to share.


  • @beardoin shared the fantastic news that postboxes are now being decorated in Scotland and Tdctunes showed an immediate interest.

    @tdctunes is a bit short on new followers right now, and as is often the case with creatives, they come up with the craziest things to get attention. For example, tdctunes was considering decorating a postbox in London with patch wire. Fortunately, @thisismylife was there to warn him that the police might think it was a bomb.

    Tdctunes is now discussing with his supporters whether it is worth getting arrested for decorating a postbox. An arrest would certainly put him in the spotlight, but whether this is also the positive attention he seeks…

    In any case, we are curious how this will go on, and hope that before he is arrested, he does not forget to take a picture of the decorated postbox in question.

    It is striking here is that the @stickupboys were very encouraging. Could we expect a GIF soon of the @stickupboys decorating a postbox and getting arrested?

  • Everyone knows that Harry Styles has a certain style, right? What not everyone knows is that our own @raymondspeaks would have liked to copy his style. Unfortunately for our Ray, his barber kindly told him he was too fat, and Harry Style's haircut wouldn't suit our Ray... Now I'm not convinced she was making a fair point there. I actually think Ray would have rocked the Harry Styles style.

    The second spicy detail is that Ray is still blown away by the fact that One Direction broke up. And even more spicy, when @caulderfreeman dared to claim that anything was better than One Direction...then our Ray suddenly said his Mrs had hijacked his PC.

    Sure Ray! We believe you right away on your beautiful blue eyes ... As long as you keep going with your Mrs in One Direction you'll be fine.

  • Speaking of @stickupboys, one of the boys lost his cat! Luckily the cat has returned home after being lost for 5 long days, and I'm told the cat seems to be tired too.

    Whether that has to do with a long journey the cat has made to get home, or that this cat has been present at a few fun cat parties and sought company? That will remain a question for us. The cat herself seems happy to be home again, @stickupboys is happy to have the cat Happy Days after all!

    But in the near future I would keep a close eye on young kittens that show a nice resemblance.

  • I know this isn't a gossip story, that's not why I'm sharing this. But please folks, everyone be warned again... BE CAREFUL! Crypto is basically the Wild West of the financial world, and as fast as you can win or earn something. Unfortunately, you can lose it that quickly too.

    Unfortunately, our BRO Lead Marketer, @misslasvegas, experienced this very recently. And to warn everyone, she has shared her story with the community. You can read her story here.

    I am convinced that we as a community can understand very well how she felt and feels. If by sharing her story one or more people can be spared from this experience, it has already been worth sharing.

Now let's talk about some serious business. Let's have a look at the news that is relevant to each and every one of us. And that's the:


The world of crypto is always on the move. Developments follow each other at breakneck speed. If you dare to look the other way, there are at least 85 new developments to report. Fortunately for us, BRO doesn't move at such a fast pace, but I can still advise everyone not to look the other way too often when it comes to BRO. Because developments continue in The Mancave too, and before you know it you've missed something. Lucky for you, we found something for that!

you can take on a subscription to this Newspaper! One tag each week when we post the newspaper. You can get the subscription by just leaving a comment here that you want to take on a subscription, and if you want to get out, that's just as easy too. Just leave a comment that you want to cancel your subscription, and it's done!

With this note I leave you for this week. If you feel there's something in this newspaper you'd like to chat about with us?

You can find us here;


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Have a good week BROs


I wonder if @tdctunes ends up doing it! If @stickupboys keeps pushing him he may fall for the peer pressure trap. What could possibly go wrong, guys? :)


Don't worry the @stickupboys have promised they will bust me out of jail! It's a promise so it's definitely true.


Need pics!

I'll see what I can do...

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hahaha amazing gossip section....

Looking for for donations of of old cables so I can decorate post boxes...

Is @brofund planning on running a SPK node? If not, I'm just gonna sell my LARYNX anyways.

Maybe @raymondspeaks can answer this for you.

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Another fine issue! Especially for that juicy BRO gossip!

"Someone else got on my computer!" Great excuse. lol

thank you for the update. i love the paper