Nothing is Forever

Nothing is Forever

Nothing is forever, that's what they say at least. I never believed it but in hindsight I should have and it's a great lesson to take away.

If nothing is forever what does that mean? Nothing that is good last forever, your body only has so much dopamine to give anyway. So then, you should prepare for the worst and here are some ways I think everyone can benefit from knowing that nothing is forever!


Sadly for many, especially these days, relationships don't always seem to last. But, maybe they could and it just takes more work than anyone expects. It seems to me most people do better the 2nd time around if they do get divorced, but maybe it's because they don't want to be alone and that in itself is the motivating factor they didn't realize the first time around.

I think the best way to combat a potential divorce is to go to couples therapy no matter what kind of relationship you do have with your spouse.

Source: NY Times


Children aren't going to be precious forever and more than anything they won't be young. So it's important to work on yourself as a parent so you can always ensure the best path forward for your child. For me, it's identifying areas I am weak as a parent.

For instance, I am a homebody, but children need to get out and play. Since I have only one son, I find it's my obligation to be his buddy as well as a parent. It's going to be a difficult balance but it's something that I hope to achieve.

I hope to parent by example, though I wouldn't say I've always been the best example but I have listened to feedback and tried to do better. I'm pretty stubborn because of a lot of experiences I've had, but it's my experience I wish to leverage when getting through tough times as a parent.


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I think writing about this sort of stuff helps. Its a therapeutic act.

Howdy friend how I've missed you. How's the operations going these days?!

Doing very well, Always slower-going than I wish, but good forward progress this year - would love to have you down here for a visit to our Lake House!

We still need a bobcat but good news is I might soon have a place to park it 😅