Have you heard about Myria or our MYRIANODE project?

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I'm not sure how many people on HIVE have even heard about this, but Myria has been going on an absolute tear. I truly believe that gamefi is (one of) the main narratives during this bull market, and there are more games than ever in this growing ecosystem. And games are fun - now what do you think about Gaming Platforms?

Apparently someone out there is bullish on this one:


Recently listed on BingX, Myria token has continued to be very strong, with a good showing almost weekly. It pulled back from 1 cent to about 0.09, and tagged 1.2-1.3 cents already. Let's see how it goes in the future, its still a little bit too early to do another round of dividends, although there were 1100 dollars in the wallets when I checked last night.

But this absolute monster of a price appreciation has made the team reconsider the price of new nodes. On Monday they will be transitioning to a new system, and a new price for nodes, $5500 dollars.


In September-October of 2022, with the @psybersects project we launched a tokenized version, called MYRIANODE. Let's take a look at some of our numbers that we have experienced so far:

Node License:
Initial Cost: 8000 HIVE ($2500 then, $3000 in todays value)
Current Selling Price: $5,500 (14667 HIVE at todays prices)
Hive Price Appreciation: 183.33% (+83.33%)
USD price appreciation: 220% (+120%)

Myria Token:
Token Value at Node Purchase: $0.00148
Current Token Value: $0.011
Myria Token Price Appreciation: 743% (+643)

We have paid out dividends 4 times, for a total of 0.39 swap.hive per token:
June 25th: 0.037 swap.hive/token
October 4th: 0.114 swap.hive/token
November 1st: 0.121 swap.hive/token
November 25th: 0.118 swap.hive/token

So for those who originally bought into MYRIANODE token project at 1 HIVE, congratulations. They have gotten 39% of their investment back, and another nice div to land this month.

Our underlying asset values have increased 83% in HIVE terms and 120% in USD terms, and the backing of the node (the $MYRIA token) has gone up 643% since the start.

Remember that our 'founder' level nodes give bonus token minting, but I will conveniently forget about that for the following calculation:

Assets: 4 Myria Nodes: $22,000
ETH (for txs): 0.1795 - $424
Total: $22424

Total tokens outstanding: 34007
Asset backed value (ABV): $0.654 USD / 1.744 HIVE

Now remember that this does not include accumulation of divs this month or the value of our 'bonus' - we have founder nodes which pay additional tokens and are slated to recieve additional benefits as well when NFT rewards start (we don't know when). These can no longer be purchased, and there is no third party market for nodes until the Myria team continues to sell out all their tranches.

A special thanks to @abrockman, who came in and made this project possible - at that time and on HIVE, the rest of us didn't even manage to raise enough to buy a single node. But with his help, we have created this competent derivative as an engine of 'HIVE buying', and thanks to the Myria team who seem to be doing something right, at the right time.

He continues to list MYRIANODE tokens on the market, imagining that more community might want to get in on this interesting opportunity. If you are looking for an P2P deal, reach out to me and maybe something can be negotiated. I do know this though, he is not looking to dump, and is happy to hold the entire stack if that's the way it rolls.

I mean, look at these divs!


Congratulations and thanks as well to other members of our holders list - This wouldn't be nearly as much fun without you!


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I'm gladly holding onto my small amount of 10 Myrianode tokens :)

Hey you made the richlist screen shot! That's saying something

Gratz on the success! !PIMP

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Congrats to you as well! This is a win for all of us!

I’ve not heard about this token before
Thanks for sharing

Oops I guess I am missing out on some holding that is needed for long investment

I haven't really followed along PsyberX much so I didn't even know. Congratulations on the successful investment.