Our ECOBANK lake house is getting an upgrade!

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I headed up to the lake house yesterday only to find that our partner has been incredibly motivated with the new energy we are bringing to his project. He has started to build out a second private room on the lake with materials he is finding around town.


The base is almost complete, and he asked me to bring up my table saw today so he could saw some 100 year old wood he got on the cheap. Its funny, but this old wood is even better quality than any thing available 'new' on the market nowadays.


This is old growth Andean Walnut.

I will be headed up with the table saw in a few minutes here to do my part to help out getting our newest offering available to rent out as soon as possible.


Our partner has a knack for small-scale construction techniques, he knows the workers that he likes to work with and can make some good honest deals with them for the day labor.

Since we've been gone, they also installed an attraction in front of the other suite, a net hanging out over the lake.


This has become a popular amenity in some of the more touristed areas of Colombia, a space to lay out in the sun or just for a photo opportunity.


There is a lot of things to do, and I also have a number of posts pending, but it will probably be until this weekend before I can sit down and make any serious posts.

I have to hurry off now to get them this table saw so they don't run out of work to do!


For now, I can leave some of these daily updates for you all, to assure you that we are working hard, making progress and motivating a growing team of people with our ECOBANK project.

Check out all the updates here, and participate in the presale following these instructions until June 3rd. After that we will distribute the tokens and the hive-engine market will be live.

Freedom and Friendship


you had me at "net hanging over the lake"
can't wait to come down and enjoy that.

The Lake house is looking so great. It reminds me of the movie with the same name. There is so much progress, the construction techniques is awesome !

Love to see it, wish I had more money so I could be a bigger part of the project. Always awesome to see the work you guys are doing down there and the frequent updates. Trying to decide now whether to dump more in or hold with the small amount I've got. I should probably figure it out pretty quick.


Why are old trees better than new trees for wood? I don't know too much about this.

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Its interesting and I should do a post about it, here's a quick glimpse:


Thanks. I got a general idea now and it's always nice to learn something new.

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looking good! there is that winning smile too!

They are surely working hard on this new project, I am confident that the room will be very comfortable and very neatly finished. It is impressive how certain elements and materials, no matter how many years go by, will continue to be of excellent quality!

I like rooms have a wooden floor so that it feels warm, and I prefer the lake facing the sunshine and flowers.

We need to have a leisure moments near the lake in the evening and enjoy the time 😊 it's great construction with good technique levels.

Nice project !

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Oh man you got the hook up on some killer coffee beans I bet!

That concrete does not look fun but does look good!

Will you keep that beard growing big?

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If that net over the lake is like a trampoline than you will have a whole day attraction for kids that will stay in the lake house :)