Contest:The greatest gift a father can give to his children is to love their mother.

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Before I explain the importance of fatherly, I will like to uses this medium to appreciates the person behind this contest @raymondspeaks for the wonderful efforts putting into the @brofund project and to see the man cave server back to its olds days and I will congratulate the community for the new delegation, job well done done from the team and expecially our main man @raymondspeaks.

The role of man is very important in the society if truly the society want to move forward, manhood is the most important kind of leadership that no nation can not do without. Sometime when a man reach to a stage of getting marry, then it's well entitled to fully responsibility, it's always been so because when becoming father you have to give assistance, counsel and give a kind of encouragement to your eternal companion even no matter how bad father you are, definitely you just have to do those quality because it is a matter of law and ordered a nation for any family to take good care of the family no matter how the situation.

What I really understand is that when a man marries and when the children start coming along definitely he enters different phase of life because everything will start coming up, life of a married man becomes a responsibility if truly they want to have a better home. It is not a matter of weather you are most worthy or best to qualify to be a great father but once we have being called a father there in the society, so it is important to a some quality question like what is the father's responsibility towards his children, relatives and family.


Although am not yet marry but I have a lot of experience when it comes to fatherhood, because I was privilege to have a brother who is married and I leave with him for couple of years, he as 2 children a male and a female that will always play together and have fun, so I have verses experience when it comes to fatherhood.

However there is an old saying about being a father, and the greatest gifts a who so called a father can give to his children is to love their mother without any form of dubious attitude from the man, my brother love his wife a lot and he is always want to be there for them. He always wants to teach his children with upmost at the high esteem. With all this quality seen in him. Father should be responsible in teaching his children the way of life and give them a sound knowledge on how life works in different directions.

Finally, we need to understand that a father has a significant role to play in the raising of his children and teaching them how important life is and even though a mother may be able to bring in additional efforts both spiritually or financially, the father's should not provoke with children and the family, and majorly he should always look for food for the family because the best knowledge a father can give his children is to let them know the major aspects of life, before I drop my pen, the father’s role cannot be forgotten. I will like to use this medium to appreciates all father's in the world.


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