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RE: Controversial Opinion - Auto-votes on Whales

in The Man Cave3 months ago

Hi, @cryptoknight12 your post have been randomly picked by @text2speech
below is the link to the audio version of your post hope you will and other users will enjoy this.

audio of the post

this is an introduction post have a looks and know more about this account.

Introduction Post


Wow! How cool! I want all my posts to get this now!

Thanks a lot @cryptoknight12, read the introduction post for more how to activate the service.

Yea I was actually just looking at that! Will do this more often now that I know! I want all blogs to be read to me now hahahaha

If you want to convert your post text to an speech (in audible format) then you have to sent 1 hive per post. Let's s say that you post daily a post in hive then you have to send 1 hive to @text2speech if you are posting more then that then your have to send 1 post = 1 hive.