Mxtxtober Day 31: Halloween Costumes 🎃 Halloween In Ghost City

in Sketchbook2 years ago

Even though my original plan was to make something for Wei Ying’s bday, I ended up drawing Hualian for Halloween! The reason they are in their own robes? Well, I’d like to think that gege had big plans with very interesting costumes but they somehow didn’t work out in the end. But since they are dorks in love, they literally put pumpkins on their heads and celebrated anyway :P

Plus, Who’s gonna dare question the Ghost King and His Highness anyway? Not me :D



Today officially marks the final day of Mxtxtober and I am happy-sad that it ends. However, I like to look on the brighter side of things and am beyond grateful to have made new and such cool friends solely because of this challenge.

I do look forward to more mxtx community events like this one in the future simply because of how much it pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me think differently.

I’ll probably work on some of the prompts I missed and try to post all of them this week.🧡🧡🧡



Esta muy bonito tu dibujo, te felicito

Thank you!