Self Portrait Gouache Painting (I Surrender To The Flow Of The Universe) 🧡🌌

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Life is so much fun when you love to paint yourself in whatever way and wherever you want. This year I have been very much interested in clicking some self portrait shots and using them for different studies.

This was another beautiful shot of mine by my friend @varunpinto right outside an art cafe. The one before this is titled “Koh Larn” which I also uploaded two days before. Spending nearly a day on this painting was totally worth it today because this is the longest I have painted leaves and flowers. This one has a wide range of colors and I don’t think any color was left out!

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Untitled design.jpg

Thanks for this cool picture of mine @varunpinto :D





In fact I had to introduce more colors other than the 12 in the set. If you look closely at the details I am sure you will find plenty of greens, yellow, ochre, blue-green combinations. This is one of the most fun parts of gouache that you can always go back to a layer and restart things. Plus the building of colors and layers is unlike any other!

The picture that was clicked had the perfect background and I just absolutely love it so much. And I felt that were was so much fun that could be done with the greenery behind. By adding a few colors of my own here and there.

It feels like a moment frozen in time where I am no more in control.. I sway freely.. Like when you are hearing that perfect piece of music and the matters of the world do not concern you anymore. I am reminded of one of my favorite lines from the movie Dr. Strange where the ancient one talks about gaining control by surrendering to the current of the river.





I chose two brushes for the entire painting as I generally like to work with less number of brushes. It was fun exploring the number of ways you can twist the angle and motion of your brush to create a different leaf each time. The only improvement I want here is the vibrancy and luminescence of the flowers. Maybe a flower study in gouache next then? :D

One interesting thing I did was to convert the painting into a silvertone filter just for fun (at the ed of the post) and man I am in love with how it looks! One of my friends who designs beachwear eventually asked me if I could do such illustrations for her brand as she liked this style. I am not sure if I am into fashion illustrations tho hahah!




Let me know what you guys think. I love to hear from you! 🧡

Keep Creating

Lots Of Love <3


Ooooo... I love this picture 😍

Me too 🧡🥰

So nice self portrait 🌸 I love the composition of the scene and how your hair works on. ❤️

Aww, thank you so much. You are so awesome to always be so supportive! 🧡
Btw, I am curious, do you paint in gouache too? :)

Absolutely beautiful. How can someone draw so accurate. Really amazing artwork

Actually I want to shed accuracy 😅 I love just a little realism but a lot of self interpretation :)
Tried doing that with the background here hahaa. Thank you so much!

Yeah it looks good

Hello my dear friend. A beautiful painting of a perfect photo. very successful congratulations

Thank you, I am very grateful :)

Beautiful work.... followed on Instagram too.

Thank you very much, followed you too! :)

Hola, exelente lo que has explayado en esta publicacion, me agrado el dibujo, gracias por compartir.

Thank you so much 😊

This is soo perfect. Awesome Girl!

Aww, thank you! 🥰🙂

This is absolutely beautiful. You've really nailed the details :)

Thank you so much dude ❤️🥰🥰🥰

A very successful picture. I liked this :)

Thank you very much! 🧡

hi honey, what a great drawing. I really like. I'm new to the hive and it's good to see your wonderful drawing.

Thanks! Welcome to hive.

Absolutely pretty, and very well done! I love the detailing and what you've done with the colours ❤️

Thank you very much for your nice words! :)
Really appreciate your feedback 🌸

You're welcome! Keep up the fantastic work :-D