Pen drawing: A drawing of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).

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Hello everyone I am here to share with you a new drawing I made today and I hope you like it.
It is a drawing of Dwayne Johnson whose nickname is the rock, Dwayne Johnson was a former wrestler who later ventured into full time actor, he is no doubt a talented actor as he has featured in many global movie and he acted all role well. He is my favorite actor and I love him so much.
Here are the step by step process and the proof of ownership.


Many people know him as the rock and he is one of the most followed on Instagram.
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Thanks for viewing my post and do have a lovely day.


Nice work :-)

Thanks 😊👍

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Hi, Wow your drawing was really amazing, I really liked your technique, and he is one of my favorite characters.

I am happy you liked it, he is and will always be my favorite actor😊, thanks for checking up on my post.