Daylight Mood for Modern House 9 (a 3d visualization project)

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Hello Everyone!

It’s a pleasant Sunday morning here in my place and as we slowly transition into the rainy season the climate is getting chilly. In the past few months, the warm humid climate has given me discomfort which makes it difficult to move around.

For today, my 3d visual is about my re-visit to one of the modern house designs that I posted weeks ago. I normally review my old works after a few weeks or a month after I have done it. The reason is for me to re-learn the style & approach that I did in those completed projects. While on it, I decided to create a new render view of the scene.

In this view, I set the lighting into a day scene that is close to the time zone of midday. Here’s the final result:

daylight scene to simulate midday time zone

here's the late afternoon simulation for comparison

here's the night scene render which shows almost no detail although the silhouette has a really interesting effect

With this lighting set-up, the lines/edges of the 3d elements were extra sharp and the surfaces exposed to the direct sunlight were a little bright. That’s why most of my visuals are set to simulate the early morning or late afternoon scene. I feel that the late afternoon or early morning scene has a subtle effect on the bright spot on the scene. The only issue is that it lacks contrast between the brightness & darkness of the image.

Let me show some of the 3d scene overviews:

camera view 1

camera view 2

bird's eye view

Thank you for viewing my post.