Art Journal: Light In The Woods | Acrylic Painting🎨

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Greetings Hiver friends, How are you doing? Welcome to another fun painting, I have created today. I painted a landscape called "Light in the Woods."
I used three types of painting brush and six set is acrylic paint. It took forty-five minutes to finish this art.

Materials Needed:
👉 Acrylic paper pad
👉 Pencil and eraser
👉 Ruler
👉 Clean Water
👉 Rag
👉 Paper napkin

👉 Flat Brush /small #10, 10/32 / 8.0mm
👉 Liner Brush #2 / 2/32" / 1.6mm
👉 Round Brush #8 / 5/32" / 4.0mm
👉 Filbert brush

Acrylic Paint:
👉 Titanium white
👉 Mars black
👉 Grass green
👉 Green mid
👉 Lemon yellow
👉 Grass green

Painting Procedure:
Background: Titanium white and Green mid
Brush: Flat brush

Middle ground:
Distant Objects/ bushes: White, yellow and green mid
Brush: Filbert brush

Closer Trees - Mars black and Grass green, highlights of white
Brush: Round brush for creating the tree trunks
Leaves (first layer): Grass green Highlights of yellow and green mid
Brush: Filbert brush
Liner brush/extra details: tree limbs, grass,


This is the finished painting.

That's all for today, Ihope you like this post, and thank you for stopping by!
God bless Hiver friends.
Happy Painting!😀



Nice work. Looks like the movies

your art is amazing

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Nice work bro!

Thanks a lot, @lucimorningstar
God bless!


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Yay! 🤗
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Ang galing talaga as always!

Salamat @me2selah
God bless!

Ang galing! Very well painted!