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happy night friends from #sketchbook

anime girl.jpg

Already culminating today with a post for this #hive community, in this case it is not a traditional illustration but a digital one, practicing with a graphic table that I bought thanks to #hive this week and I made this work in krita

I wanted to make a pretty girl and at the same time a demon but not ugly but rustic but without losing a certain ferocity and I think I have achieved something good and in a short time since I did it in about 20 minutes, I have to keep practicing to improve but to be the second illustration in krita and with this graphic table I think I did something nice, as always I will leave the process to you

a .png


c .png

d .png
and here ends my post tonight, I hope you like it, then I will return with more of this new stage of art

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Another impeccable creativity unleashed by an expert
Nice job sir