GRATITUDE (sketch)

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Hello famz.
I brought to you a sketch i pinched out of boredom this evening.
Here's a son holding an umbrella to cover her mum outdoor in the rain. Mere looking at this given artpiece i made, its easy to bring out the message in it, which is all about a son's care towards his mother" but lets focus on another thing entirely here, the UMBRELLA .
We all tend to find the umbrella so important when it's raining, but after that it becomes a burden to us, we no longer want to have it around again. It's obvious we are so fast to forget the one's who rendered us help when we needed them the most, but make them look sobber and ungrateful at the long run. Here's a lesson drafted out through art. Lets be grateful to the one's who willingly render there help to us and not treat them like shit. "ADVISE"

Made the artwork on white cardboard paper White a dark pencil, using a straight shading method.
Here are steps below:

Thanks for stopping by to check my post
God bless you.


Reminds of life back in the days