Rough imaginative sketch (aeriel perspective view)

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Good day all
I brought to guys another Artpiece i sketch out of boredom earlier today, A Volvo excavator machine set up for a construction task in an open field. I could have drew the subject Alone which is the excavator, but I decide to add some properties like, the layers ,Soil, stones and others, along with it to put the subject in action. Then finalized it like a pro by finding a perfect view for the masterpiece (Aerial perspective view) .

I made the sketch on a cardboard paper

  • Blue ballpoint pen
  • Cross hatch method for the shadings

Here are my step by step shot below:

![](Uploading... IMG_20240413_133551_934.jpg)

Thanks to you all for checking and sharing my Post


Very nice sketch, I like the technique used, well done 👍🏾