Che Guevara - Drawing A Portrait

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Hello dear art friends, best wishes wherever you are.


It's been raining in the small town where I live since the afternoon. And I just finished my work of painting pencils in an A4 sketchbook. The materials I use are very simple, namely two Faber Castell 2b and 8b pencils, then an eraser and tissue.

This time I chose to make the painting "Che Guevara", I don't know if my work looks perfect. The work process that I did from start to finish is below.

Step 1.


Step 2.


Step 3.


Step 4.


After it finishes


That is the end result of my work with all its shortcomings, I hope it is pleasing to all of you. Thank you for visiting and thank you also for supporting my simple post.

Regards, @ewiendos

Thank you


you got skills, no doubt there!