Cow and Chicken: A Hatched Painting

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Cow and Chicken8.png

Some months back, I was seeing an interview, I think a Google interview of Seth MacFarlane and in it, he stated that he collaborated in 'Cow and Chicken'. I was initially stunned but then realized almost immediately that back then as a kid, I didn't pay much attention to names while seeing cartoons.

I honestly can't remember much but then the joy of finding a reference in my gallery drove me to make this painting using the hatching technique and a coloured background. I agree that the choice of background colour changed the texture of the painting and because of that, I'll make another soon.

This being the first of many to come, I'd really love you walking with me through this journey. I honestly don't know why cartoon characters catch my attention these days, I'm beginning to think it's a call to start mine.... 🤔

Cow and Chicken8.png

These are the outlines......
Cow and Chicken.png

Cow and Chicken1.png

Cow and Chicken2.png

Cow and Chicken3.png

Cow and Chicken4.png

Cow and Chicken5.png

Cow and Chicken6.png

Cow and Chicken7.png

Cow and Chicken8.png

Thanks for the visit friends, have a lovely week.


good style cartoon, very unique


you are welcome :)