Daily Drawing Challenge: Day 29 - Rodent

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Good afternoon community.

What would you do if a giant rodent appeared in the middle of the street? It could be a crazy situation
This is my drawing today for the daily drawing challenge, for the word "rodent".



"A mouse can be just as dangerous as a bullet or a bomb."
Lamar S Smith


This drawing was made digitally with a bosto tablet in the free open source program KRITA.

This time I tried a new set of "oil" brushes, just painting layer by layer with no fear of making mistakes. And always with the expressive art style in mind

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Good day and blessings to all

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Your art is beautiful ♥️...if a giant rodent should appear on the road I will definitely freak out because of it size but I think it will also amaze me like how the hell did it get so big and what not. what was it eating?...or maybe it's some kind of genetic mutation just like in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Hi @ayorae . Definitely has to be a mutation to get that big. Imagine a person how scared when sees a little mouse, how could feel when sees this huge one? (sorry for my english)

Am scared of mouse imagine if I should see a giant one....lol I will pass out 😂