Apocalypse; Bearded Zombie (Ink Drawing)

in Sketchbook4 years ago

Hello Everyone.
I'd like to share with you all another zombie in my apocalypse series. The zombie in this drawing is male with beards and has a broken skull, damaged nose and mouth. I didnt want to expose the brains on this drawing so it looks like his brains must have fallen off or eaten. This drawing was imaginative by the way.Hahaha, don't judge me, I'm just a big fan of zombies and any movie they appear in.😀

I used a black ball point pen and pelican paper for this drawing. Here are the steps involved;
I began by drawing the outline of the zombie's face and added all its facial feature. I also shaded its eyes here.

Afterwards, I proceeded to shading and adding details to the face for realism. I also drew his beards in this stage.

I kept shading and adding more details until I got a satisfactory result.
Thank you for reading and viewing my post. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day.