Ink Drawing Of A Human Skull (Daily Drawing Challenge)

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Hello Everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful day.

Here's my ink drawing of a human skull for today's daily drawing challenge. The human is one of tge most important structure of the human skeleton as it houses some of the most vital organs like the brain and eyes. It is also represents death, danger and horror.

I made this drawing with a black ballpoint pen and a pelican paper.
Here are the steps;

I began by drawing the outline of the skull and then added its features.

Next, I shaded all the dark areas of the skull and the background.
the remaining parts of its face.

Finally, I shaded and added details to the skull for a realistic appearance.

This drawing was aided by a reference photo gotten from here.
Thank you for reading and viewing my drawing. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Pretty awesome!

This looks terrifying bro!😲
Thank for entering.

Thank you so much

Excellent sketch. Well done.

Thank you so much