Water In A Plastic Bottle (Ink Drawing)

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Hello Everyone.
I'd like to share with you all my new drawing which is a still life drawing of water in a plastic bottle.
After yesterday's daily drawing challenge of the theme, "still life", I had a sudden interest in still life drawings. Maybe bacause making those drawings made me more patient and relaxed or because of the fact that I could achieve more realism with a pen when making still life drawings.
I took it upon myself to include still life drawings in my daily drawing practice because I understood they'll allow me focus alot more of paying attention to details. I did this drawing with the intention of paying close attention to the details and getting as much realism as I could.

I used a black ball point pen and pelican paper for this drawing.
Here are the steps involved;
Firstly, I drew the outline of the top of the plastic bottle. I also began shading as I started because no eraser to allow me know how well I was doing.
I kept drawing the remaining parts of the plastic bottle and also shading with care and precision.
Finally, after spending about 2 hours on the parts of the bottle with water, I drew the remaining part of the bottle at the top and shaded until I got a satisfactory result.
My reference photograph for this drawing was found here
Thank you for reading and checking out my drawing. Stay safe and do have a great week ahead.


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my friend is drawing this extraordinary still life. You and your pen are doing very well. congratulations. and have a nice day

Thank you so much

Just a fantastic drawing. Unreal looking

Thank you so much