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RE: Jamaica Flower illustration, watercolor and ink / Ilustración de Flor de Jamaica, acuarela y tinta [Eng/Esp]

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VEry good work, and I'm happy that you try post more :) .... and here is just now morning when I text this comment .... and fruit tea I need just now :) it is good to get in morning when I have winter here and out is -7 cold :))
I hope you get lot cool fruits and plants to eat in your garden if the soil is very good :) ... here summer very short and we have just 4 month to get something in garden :)


thank you very much 😊. In that climate that plant would not survive, it is too cold. Jamaica tea would be ideal for a cold morning or night. Here we drink it at night because it helps us sleep better, a rich infusion full of petals that are super delicious too, my niece Isabela loves to eat the petals that remain in the bottom of the pot where I prepare it 😄

Sounds good idea what you say :) to use it to go sleep :)
here many use nettle tea or chamomile for this purpose... that they hope it helps sleep more good or not let them get sick :)

Interesting 🤓.... chamomile is also used here for these purposes and for stomach upset but there are many herbs, plants, even fruit trees with many medicinal properties 🌿😄😊

Cool :) ... I hope you have lot them :) lot them are also good to use in food also :)
like nettle, which is good to use in soups :)

Yes, we always consume them, whether in tea, juices, soups, salads, or with meats 😋

Jeje ✌️😊