Sketchbook 016 - 'Unreachable' & Experiments with Halftone (Process Photos)

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Greetings and happy Wednesday!

This little painting was done in acrylic paint, marker and gel ink on A4 paper (Seriously need to upgrade from printing gets very...warpy...)

It was inspired by the feeling of 'reaching for the heavens' that drive to get onto bigger and better things, to grab onto the dream...while still being trapped/held back from obtaining those things after getting as close as possible. Something like that! Either way, it was fun to draw.

This was my first attempt at drawing a thing with halftone details...I did a pretty bad job but I still like it! (who knew drawing a bunch of dots could be this challenging)

Here's a quick look at the process:

We start with a roughly sketched hand and some other basic composition doodles.

Details! Details! ...well a little bit at least...

...just a few more details...then the fun part...

Dark parts done...

Paint... and some final touches...

...and done!

That's all for now, till next time!

Credit - All photos and work in this post is my own
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We have the expression “to catch the feather of a firebird,” that is, to accomplish something difficult to achieve, to catch luck. @hellsveiah your drawing makes me associate this expression.

I haven't heard of before now, but I like that expression! Definitely works with the drawing 😁