EVERYONE! Its a Portrait of Selena Gomez!

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Hello Everyone!

Here I am again to share one of my portrait drawings. But first let me tell you something. When I started doing portraits, I only use Graphite Pencils and Charcoal Pencils. And as it goes, I am satisfied of the result. Then one of my friends asked me, "Why don't you try Colored Portraits?". That's the time when I told myself I should try something new. So here it goes, this portrait of Selena Gomez - a famous American singer, was done using Faber Castell Color Pencils. Thanks to my friend for encouraging me to do this. I love the results and still loving the medium of color pencils.


Drawing progress:

Faber Castell Color Pencil on Worx Vellum Board





A little reminder for you: "Never be afraid of trying something new, Because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know."

What can you say about the portrait? I hope you like it! Leave comments, I would definitely be glad to read them.

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Thank You :))

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Hala sobrang galing. Goodluck po! Sana manotice Ito ni @curie

Maraming Salamat po!

Good job! It is very beautiful 🤩

Thankyou! 🤗

Lovely portrait! The hair (especially) is so incredibly drawn 🌸
Keep it up. Cheers :)

Thank you! I love doing the hair, it's challenging :>

Hehe indeed! I quickly lose patience after sometime whenever it's the hair. Although very satisfying if done correctly 😃

I had visit your profile and followed you. Your artworks are absolutely beautiful! You are an amazing artist. :))

Oh thank you very much for your kind words!
I see that you just joined this month. Followed you too and looking forward to seeing more artworks from you. Cheers :)

Nicely done, it feels alive !