Digital Freehand #03.

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Tools that I used for this drawing: (I) Adobe Illustrator, (II) Adobe Photoshop, (III) Lightshot.


This is the original picture that I tried to recreate.
Source link.

Steps that I followed for the drawing:

Step 1: I drew the outline first in Adobe Illustrator where I extended the body of the woman from my idea.


Step 2: Then I colored the woman in Adobe Photoshop with some colors that I thought suitable for her. And it was solid coloring.


Step 3: Then I used the brush of Adobe Photoshop to enhance the colors by adding some color shadings or shadows that gives the art a better vibe.


Step 4: I used a background picture from online to make the drawing looks better.


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Background Image.


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Wow beautiful art. She looks like a disney character. @tipu curate 5

Hi thanks and yeah you're right about her look like a disney character although she was not like this before as you can see the source image that I used.
Thanks for always supporting my art. I'm grateful.

Hi you are welcome :) I like you art.

Hermoso 😍 parece un arte de Disney

Muchas gracias 😍