Recreation of YODIN ZAKU.

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Tools that I used for this drawing: (I) Adobe Illustrator, (II) Lightshot.

This time, I tried to give some different aspects to Yodin Zaku.

If you see the original picture of the card then you'll understand what I changed.

This is the card that I drew today.
Source link of the card

Steps that I followed for the drawing:


Step 1: I drew the mouth part.


Step 2: This is the second step where I finished drawing the full head part and I was thinking of leaving it like this but then I started working more.


Step 3: This is the third step where I drew the body and the legs. I also drew the flame in the hand and made it less efficient.


Step 4: This is the step where I drew the back part on top of the head and added the tail as well.


Step 5: This is the final step where I added a background picture and I collected the background picture from the lore page of YOZIN ZAKU in splinterlands.

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I liked your idea and the details of your work. But a little more explanation would be better and don't get me wrong, your art is good but rather than looking like it's standing with magical power on its hands, it's looking like a Kangaroo. You have good skills but need to improve them to better. Hope to see more good works in the future.
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Thanks for commenting and for the advices. I tried to give the character a different look like it's standing front facing so the structure looks like a Kangaroo.
And thanks for the curation as well. It's appreciated.


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Sweet, thanks.

Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859

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