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Good day people,hope you good?
So this is one of my latest project, personal conceptual works,I just thought of sharing it here,who knows who might be interested....this work is one of the most interesting work ve done as well as one of the most challenging,how is it challenging? Starting from the face, although I'm used to drawing the head but the juxtaposing can be hard sometimes (jusxtapose is form of collage where contrasted objects are placed together)
Another challenging part is the broad collar (the Egyptian necklace) down to the flowers,the flowers has the most intricate touch, especially the rose like,what's the best way to tackle hard part? PATIENCE,this calms you,your nerves and reduce anxiety,once you have this and have learnt this,you'd produce outstanding works that people will have no choice to zoom, stair and observe...the general challenging thing is working on canvas,unlike cardboard,canvas tend to soak and require a lot of pen ink and multiple shades before the colour projects due to the cotton nature it has,it took me two weeks to finish this piece with at least 6hrs per day and some times a bit more.
This is painting in a different form,this work was made with pens of different colour on canvas, titled:- THE BLOOM
the progress shot are below, thanks for checking....









Looks great! Nice job!