Fruit Bowl Still Life Painting - With Process Photos!

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Hi all, today I am sharing with you a recent still life of various fruits. After having practiced painting from life individual fruits I have combined them all into a still life composition done on canvas with acrylics. I learned a lot from this process as it was more challenging than previous exercises I had done.

The process is shown below


Pencil Drawing

Underpainting - makes painting future layers easier than painting on blank canvas

First layer - main tones
IMG_20210726_161732353 (1).jpg

Finish - Further layers of paint added with greater detail and contrast for the final finish
Completed on 30cm X 20cm canvas over several hours

Thanks for stopping by and for all your support!


This is lovely. You depicted those bananas very well.

Thanks, they were quite ripe already when I started painting them.

Yeah, I can see it from the reference photo.

That is impresive. Good Work