Portrait Oil Painting Process of Rembrandt Master Study

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IMG_20210527_203641957_2 (1).jpg
Hi everyone, today I would like to share the process to painting a Rembrandt master copy. I find his work full of emotion and excellent technique so wondered what I could learn from copying his style.



After doing an initial pencil sketch I will block in all the main colours filling all the page as much as
possible while trying to match closely the values of the original painting.


The final step involved going over with another layer but with more details and making sure to include the darkest shadows around the eye and the strong highlights in the cheek and pupil. It is quite an impressionistic style as the details of the eye lashes and eye brow hairs are not visible. I just used a few brush strokes to suggest they might be there but it was very subtle.

IMG_20210527_203641957_2 (1).jpg
Completed oil on paper over several hours

Hope you liked the style of this piece and thank you for all of your support!