Vincent Van Gogh Self Portrait Master Study Process Steps

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van gogh.png

Hi all, today I would like to share a study completed based on the work of the master artist Vincent Van Gogh. I find his art very expressive with excellent use of colours so I thought I could learn a lot by replicating his work. Not only is his portrait very expressive, every colour and stroke he does is full of emotion.
Reference I used



I began like always blocking the main tones of the painting. It is important to cover all the white space. I then started adding details with a smaller brush.


The next steps involved going over the face with another layer but with a greater variety of richer tones. Experimenting with green, purple and orange hues.



The final step I made sure the painting had enough contrast and highlights and added any final details that were previously missing.

IMG_20210521_232142662_3 (2).jpg
Completed oil on paper over several hours

Thanks for stopping by and for all your support!



hmmmm wow you lay your clouors well, its like your painting is starring right at me.....great painting

Thanks, he does have a very penetrating stare. :)

yeah thats true hehehe

Impressive. The painting is really complex task but greatly executed on this artwork.

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This almost looks like Van Gogh himself did it. Outstanding painting!

Thanks for sharing.