Weekend Sketch!

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Hello! 😁

I almost finished this art yesterday (weekend) but the lazy bug bite me to post it, haha.



Started with inspo art from Pinterest. I chose a simple hand pose for this art. I planned to draw a good looking guy in a hoodie. Might as well throw some accessories like lip and ear piercing. The hoodie is oversized so I am not particular about the silhouette of the character. I separated the hand into another layer so that I could adjust it later. On the lineart, I used a pencil texture brush. I used a thicker size for the facial details such as the eyes, mouth, etc. A chiseled jaw and wide neck make the character look strong and manly (in my opinion).



I like the color of his skin perfect for his bright hoodies. The pink and cyan is inspired by my character Jijisaur. I then added some earrings and a lip piercing. On a layer on top, I worked on the shading. I used a smudge brush to soften the hard edges, especially on the face. For the hair, I used a soft brush to do the white spikes.

Final Art


Finally, I added a purple shadow in a clipped layer and adjusted the opacity. To make the glow at the back, I chose a lighter purple color and adjust the opacity. Added some texture, and tadaaa~ Finished art! 😊

Thanks for reading! 😊

That is it for this art blog. I will see you at the next one!
📸 All photos are owned and taken by me, otherwise credited.

Software: Clip Studio Paint Pro
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Magnificent work!
I especially love the lighting in the final output.

Thank you! It was a last minute decision if I have to include it. 😊



I'm on a seafood diet.
When I see food I eat it.

Credit: happyme
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That lazy bug is always bitting me 😁

Is that the preggy effect? 😁 Hehe I hope that I'm not pregnant hahaha. Stay safe, te. 💕


Omg, he looks like a character in some manhwa uwu. Tapos Yaoi, ehermmm, (◕ᴗ◕✿). Galing galing Ji (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

Haha yeah, that's the goal. 😁 I like the dzaddy type hahaha eme.


Manually curated by ewkaw from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you! ✨ 😁

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You're pretty productive on the weekend 😄 I like how realistic those hands are, for me one of the most difficult part of drawing a character is their fingers and hand! it just have to be at the right proportion haha and you did it so well.

That is true! 😩 I used to hide the hands and fingers just not to draw them, haha. But through practice, I somehow like them drawing. 😁



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too beautiful and this reminds me of when NFT market was booming.
Nice job

Thank you, Paul!


AFAM oh! hahaha. maganda.