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Life in the village is not a joyous lifestyle. It is a life filled with struggle. A life where struggle is not a choice but a need, a demand to survive. The only way to survive is through struggle. The life of our ancestors was of this kind. Even some or many of us are still living a life of this kind. Time has passed but many of our lifestyles still revolve around physical struggles.

Inspiration- It is not said anywhere that humans need to survive life through struggle but surely, without any effort, you can never imagine rise I think there is a flaw in this theory somewhere; I am not sure where. I have seen people finding out an easy way out and they are successful. I have seen people with many privileges so I do not believe that the only way to live life or survive in life is through struggle. This sketch represents struggle. The struggle of our ancestors, not ours.

The house, as you can see, is not decorated, but nature surrounds it in a decorative manner. In the sketch, you can see that life exists and that a peaceful atmosphere exists, but if this were a live moment, the people working and struggling, and you are watching all of this with your eyes, would have changed your perspective on life.

Art type-
Sketch Art

Material Used-
• Sketchbook
• Different pencils
• Tissue paper

Processing Photos:


My outlines have become more rigid as I am not the replica kind, my pieces love to be not in a shape.


After doing this much I did think of just letting it be but I had to complete all of it so I continued.


The beauty of shadows will always continue to hypnotize me. I love forming shadows.


Incomplete sketches have the power to inspire one's imagination to flow.


This sketch took me around 1 hour to complete.


Outlines make the sketch look a little less realistic but the beauty of all pieces is never the same.

The painting is painted and captured by me.

End Note : Life will go on and ancestors will stay in our hearts and minds, leaving their traces all over the place. Only the longing heart can find the pieces and come out of the struggling zone and start living a new life. You need to have a passion, to survive it all and the willpower to process it while not looking back.

Thank you-
I hope you all enjoyed reading and observing the aesthetic features of my sketch. Support me by commenting, reblogging, and liking. Support me by commenting, reblogging, and liking. You may visit my blog for a variety of artworks, crypto discussions, and sports discussions. My expertise in the artwork is watercolor and sketching. I occasionally write about crypto. I love football and sometimes keep my ears for spicy updates on sports. Do share your review, it will guide me to make some better content. Thank you all.

Be artistic, imaginative, do not construct like an architect, you are an artist!

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I liked the illustration and how it turned out. Keep it up

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