"Crane's Return of a Favor"-Tsuru no Ongaeshi 鶴の恩返し [English and Japanese]

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"Crane's Return of a Favor"-Tsuru no Ongaeshi

I created this artwork titled 'Tsuru no Ongaeshi,' which means 'Crane's Return of a Favor' in Japanese. It is based on one of the famous Japanese folktales. Originally designed for my cut-paper artwork, I retained the sketch and recently transformed it into a collage. The background is generated by AI, and I digitally processed it with my sketch.

In the center of the piece, a crane lady is depicted crafting a kimono dress using her feathers. The story is a bit sad. The crane lady wanted to stay with her husband for as long as possible. However, he discovers her true identity as the crane he had once helped when he witnesses her making the kimono dress. If he hadn't seen her, she might have been able to stay longer. Unfortunately, the crane had to return after all.

I have always been drawn to shapeshifter folktales. I have loved those types of stories since childhood. Additionally, I have a deep appreciation for ancient animal stories. The Japanese cranes are considered beautiful and sacred creatures. They are in my grandmother's hometown. Observing them in flight, they are almost like angels.

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The passion you bring to your work is palpable, making a significant impact on those around you.

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