How Are You Doing Chap? チャップ元気にしていますか? [English and Japanese]

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How Are You Doing Chap?

I drew this artwork after having to put my dog down a few years ago. This year, I changed the background for it again. I enjoy changing the background every year. I made a few backgrounds as a trial. However, all of them looked a bit sad and melancholy. I needed to create something pretty, calm, happy, and chill for her because she was such an adorable dog.

She liked to nap almost all the time, making the pretty sound like "buhi buhi." She always enjoyed creating fluffy and comfy spots for herself. Her favourite spots were between my husband's legs, my fluffy blanket, our big bed, my mother's sofa, my grandmother's bed, and more. She even created a comfy spot under the seat when she flew to Canada by airplane with me. That's why I wanted to make a fluffy-looking background for her.

She used to go to our bed by herself after 9 pm. She had a healthy schedule. I liked to hear the sound of her nails when she walked on the floor, like "Clickety-Clack, Clickety-Clack." I still hear her sometimes.


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