Wanderer sketch fanart for a friend of mine.

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Hello my dear bloggers! Today i'm sharing this sketch im working on for a friend of mine that likes this character, so, enjoy!

Fun fact: i just got a new phone with a stylus, so i will be able to make more drawings on digital! (Thank you, dad.)

To start off, i hope i don't scare you off wich such drawing since its not really my usual style, and please ignore the texts on the photo of the sketch on the sketchbook 🙏...

So, back to the actual drawing. As i mentioned earlier, i made this for a friend of mine that plays genshin, (its not a 35 year old unenployed man ok) so, since she likes this character i decided to draw some fanart of the character. Also, im sorry if this is not really canonically accurate, i dont really play genshin impact lol

She liked the concept of this sketch so i will make it a drawing soon, for now i wanted to share the sketch itself.

The sketch(digital)

1 sin título_20240229205516.png

Also the sketch(irl sketchbook)


Thats it for now, dont forget to follow me if you want to see the full drawing.

Take care, see you on my next post!