My re-creation of Crustacean King (Entry to Splinterlands' Art Contest)

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Today, I decided to venture to the famous Splinterlands Art contest! I may not be a player but I figured that I can be a part of it by simply contributing something for the community. I got into it while browsing the #art tag and also found posts talking about their re-creation or contribution for Splinterlands characters.

For my first entry, I’ve decided to re-create one of the characters which is called the Crustacean King. I have no exact reasons why I chose it, I just simply picked one that interests me the most. In this entry, I made two versions:

Black & White version

Crustacean Kingbnwfn.jpg

Colored version

Crustacean Kingcoloredfn.jpg

Here’s the process of my sketch:

Here’s the process in which I added contrast & colors:

I hope you enjoyed viewing my re-creation of Splinterlands’ Crustacean King!



Manually curated by blacklux 💡 from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot, @qurator & @blacklux for supporting my work.

Wow this is pure perfection, a great masterpiece of art.
I love your creation

Keep up the good work and have a productive day ahead.