Drawing of a splinterlands character without any reference

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Hello guys and gals! I just want to share this latest pencil drawing that I just finished today, this is my pencil version of a legendary #splinterlands card "Sacred Unicorn". To be honest I'm not satisfied in this drawing because this didn't turned out the way that I want to LOL, well I am really having a hard times on drawing a character without any reference especially in animated characters like this one and that's also the reason why I didn't add more details in this drawing.

Progress Pics







20200723_231918.jpg this is the original image form #splinterlands

That's all, hope you like my drawing and thanks for dropping by...


kuha naman eh. pati yung galit ng mukha nya, kuhang kuha. wala lang yung shining shimmering splendid. hehe

Hahaha, baka mag mukang barbie pag nilagyan ko pa ng sunshine hahaha

Wow i think you did alright considering you don't have reference of the body. Great job!

Thanks for sharing!

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