Graphite pencil drawing "A Castle from my imagination" (materials and process)

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Hello everyone! Here I am again sharing the latest graphite pencil drawing that I just finished today, the image in this drawing is a castle from my imagination. I really spend a plenty of time just to finish this one because drawing a landscape type drawings without any reference is quite challenging for me.

Drawing materials

  • graphite pencil (HB, 4B and 8B)
  • rubber and pencil eraser
  • ruller
  • cotton
  • sketchpad 12×18

Drawing process








And after hours of work, at last I completed this graphite pencil drawing of "A castle from my imagination. Well my imagination is not that wide so in the end the castle I drew turns out to be a very simple castle haha.


That's all, hope you like my drawing and enjoyed its drawing process. Well thats all for now and thank you for dropping by.



WOW 😍 That is AMAZING my friend.
I have a Castle in my imagination to, but I would NEVER make art like that
Really beautiful and so detailed.
Love it! ❤️

thanks saffi I'm so glad that you like it, this image runs on my mind for a long time so I decided to draw this haha..

This drawing is amazing and beautiful, dear friend. Greetings!!

Thank you sara!, I'm so glad that you like my drawing.. ^^

Awesome work!

Thanks for sharing and greetings from Mexico.

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Woah! Thank you fro the support! ^^

Thank you! ^^