My graphite pencil drawing of a Cat

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Good day everyone! Here's another graphite pencil that I manage to finished today. This drawing is from the combinations of different cat images that I saw from the internet. I've been practicing drawing without any reference for quite a while now and still I'm having a hard times drawing without reference that's why I decided to draw a cat from different images because maybe this way I can learn how to draw different image positions and shading textures.

Drawing materials:

Graphite pencil
Pencil eraser
Sketchpad 12×18

Drawing process:






here's the final result of my drawing.

20200802_235813 (1).jpg

That's all, hope you like this drawing and you enjoy its drawing process, that's all for now and thanks for dropping by.

Till my next posts...


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Apoealing talaga din yun mga nakaka-drawing ba, parang pagkanta, or basta artists.. would you agree?

I agree, lalo na yung mga magagaling talaga magdrawing.. pero unlike singing yung pagdrawing pwedeng mapractice basta pagtyatyagaan, yung singing kase inborn na kaya kung wala ka talaga magandang boses wala na hanggang videoke nalang talaga haha .

What a beautiful kitty

Thank you! 💝

Hello @markjason,

It is a beautiful sketch of a cat.

Hi jana, thank you! 😁

You're welcome.

Have a great day.

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