My original pencil sketch "Wild Black Cat"

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After a busy week of adapting to this new normal situation, at last! I manage to find enough time to finish this simple pencil sketch of a black cat, I was planning to draw a pencil sketch of a tiger or black leopard but I think that will cost a lot of time and since I don't have that much time for today, I decided to draw a warm up drawing instead and this "Wild Black Cat" is the finish product of my warm-up sketch.

Drawing materials and procedure



  • graphite pencils (8B and 4B)
  • woodless graphite pencil soft (6B)
  • rubber eraser
  • sketchpad
  • cotton (for blending)

Drawing procedure:

I draw the outline of the image first then after drawing the outline I started on shading it lightly using 4B graphite pencil.

Then I used the soft woodless graphite pencil for the backround of my drawing.

Then I use 8B graphite pencil for the sharp details like eyes and for shading darker details like shadows.

20200607_194635 (1).jpg
Then lastly I use my rubber eraser for the wishkers and and highlights.

And that's all this is the final result of my drawing, Hope you like it, by the way I need to adjust the brightness of my camera to create much darker color.

That's all for this post and thank you for your time spent reading this, hope you like it ^^, till my next posts...



It looks great but it is a lot of graphite. It would be easier to use black paper and white pencil. I hope you will try that technique too

thanks.. yes I would love to try the blackpaper drawing, but I don't have any materials for that, maybe next time I will try to find and buy blackpaper and white pencils..

It is going to be great to see the results

I like your drawing. I used to do charcoal drawing during my single days. My granddaughter likes to draw too that's why I went over your post to copy the materials needed and of course the suggestion to use black paper and white paper is well taken.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! Yup charcoal is fun to use but a bit challenging to use as well because it's so messy and much harder to erase than graphites.

This pencil drawing is very good. I hope to see more of your pencil art. Thanks for sharing.

thank you for appreciating my art ^^

Wow beautiful black cat friend. I like this type of graphite drawings. I guess you struggled for a while to finish it. Thanks for sharing. Greetings friend.

Thank you!, yes you're right I struggled a bit in this drawing because the backround became more darker than the way I wan to haha

What a talent. Love how it made me feel. Dark but calm

Thank you! Black is beautiful ika nga haha

Sketching a dark subject on an equally darker background can be challenging! This looks really good. I love how the eyes shine here. You could try softening the background for reducing stroke marks but again that’s your choice. Cheers! 😊

Thank you ^^, I really want softer backround in this drawing but it is too late before I realized that the backround is getting darker that's why I use eraser to pop-up the subject.

It looks wonderful!

thank you! ^^