3D Model Dinosaurs | Blender

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Hello HIVE community!, this is my first post for HIVE! They recommended this great platform to me to publish my projects recently, normally my hobby is making models 3D and drawings, I also work when, if they need help to make a model, I could do the work, I am always available. 😀

This is the first work that I publish, I hope that everyone likes it and at the same time that it is from their grade.

It is a model of a dinosaur that I was making a few weeks ago, first I worked half the model and then applied a reflection and began to articulate the model.

  • Programs used to make the 3D model:



  • Model preview:

Dino Malla 2.png

Dino Malla.png

Modelo Base Dino 2.png

Modelo Base Dino.png

  • Render test:


Dino Pose Render 1.png

  • Final render:

Render Dino 1.png


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Your wireframes are so nice :O

Had to laugh at how far down the mouth cavity goes, guess it would make for more convincing down the throat shots? XD