Drawing A Portrait [697]


Hello everyone!

Today, I want to share with you my new art work. It's a random portrait drawing of a man with funny expression. The eork also shows the effect of light and shade.

The portrait was done with a blue ballpoint pen on a cardboard paper. I used scribble technique to create this piece.

Below are my step-by-step processes:




Thank you.


That’s great! The chap has a Jack Nicholson look about him 👀

You are absolutely right. That's him.

His face in this drawing is a mixture of happiness and some kind of cunningness, trickery. As if he would be up to something.

Yeah, more like that of Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean).

Nice face art

I love Jack Nicholson and this portrait is fantastic!!! ^_^

Thank you!🤗

Jack Nicholson! He’s one of my favorite actors! It’s really amazing what you can do with a piece of paper and a pen..

Thanks a lot for your comment.And yes, he is a good actor.

Lovely artwork bro. Great job👍

Thanks man.

You are welcome boss @maxwellmarcusart. I'm a fan of drawing and artworks too. I know how to draw/make sketches too but I'm still an amateur at it. How I wish you could train me. I've seen couple of your works and I love them all. I was even forced to reblog this particular one because of my likeness for it. I've even copied your sketch to draw my own too to test myself 😄. Just don't know if I can post it here for you and others to see so that you can mark me😄😄

Okay. Message me on whatsaap. I could give you some tips and guide on how to draw. The main this is that you have passion for it.

Wow! Okay thanks I would really appreciate that. Oh yes, I do have passion for it. Can I have your WhatsApp number so that I can chat you up pls?

Okay, it is easy. Just click through the link in my profile. Through my IG, you can get my whatsapp contact.

Alright bro, thanks. I'll do that