Roar - Drawing A Gorilla


Today, I share with you a new ballpoint pen drawing showing an aggressive manner of this annimal, gorilla. It is the largest of the apes.

The creature looks angry and ferocious as it opens it mouth wide and roars so loud, perhaps, to scare away other animals.

Observe how the squiggles, scattered strokes, and quick short lines work closely to create something tangible. I created this piece with a blue ballpoint pen.




Thank you.


It looks exactly like the gorilla I saw while at the zoo last year. Great sketching

Oh really? I haven't been to the zoo before but I hope some day I will.

Please do visit the zoo, you're gonna love the experience 🥰

Rehived. I looooove monkeys. Super dope drawing. Rock on.

Thanks a bunch!

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Thanks. I already knew.

Nice keep it up.
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