Blender - Halloween Pumpkins

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With Halloween only a week away, tonight I created a 3D pumpkin. It's been a while since I started and completed a piece in Blender. I still have a few projects almost finished but I get distracted easily. Or maybe I just have a finishing problem.

You see I start a piece and then realize I need to get really good a using a certain tool within Blender to get the piece right. So I do a few tutorials on that tool, which lead me to start a new piece. And the cycle continues.

Anyway for this piece I tried something I had not tried before. The knife tool for cutting was used to shape out the face on the pumpkins.


Unfortunately, I have not yet mastered the use of cameras as you can see from the video render.

For the render, I used the Eevee engine.

If you would like to create a Halloween Pumpkin like these you can follow the tutorial I followed here is the Youtube link and the creator is Grant Abbit. Do give him a follow if you like this tutorial.

If you would like to support my Blender and Art learning Journey, I am willing to mint some of my work and sell you the NFT.

Obviously, I still have a lot to learn and this was a great tutorial for beginners like me. What would you give this out of ten and why? Comment below


Great pumpkins and great to stumble upon this post from you! 💕

Hay @melinda010100, glad you like the pumpkins, and thanks for visiting.

Happy Halloween! I love your work, it's very festive 🎃


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